11 Fabulous Tips To Slay Your First Photo Shoot!

I’m currently on a journey of living my most authentic life and finding out who I am by paying attention to the life lessons along the way and I absolutely want to share those lessons with you. In a effort to build my brand, website, create content and start my blog so I can share my life stories with you, I woke up a few days ago and and decided to do a photo shoot. I invited a couple of my business partners from another venture to come along for the ride and I must say we had the time of our lives!

Sexy Legs Running in High Heels

Lights, camera action! Sounds great right?  Television and magazines would have you believe it’s easy and glamorous but I now appreciate what top models and celebrities must go through as they find their perfect look. I’m here to tell you, it’s hard work but below are 11 tips that can get you on your way to a fabulous photo shoot in order for you to #slay #boo #slay

  1. Have a vision:  You want to have a vision in your mind of the scenery or setting, place and clothing you want to wear for the photo shoot.  Make sure you talk this over with the photographer well in advance.
  2. Prepare, prepare, prepare:  Now that you have your vision and you’ve talked it over with the photographer, start thinking about the outfits and make sure you lay them out the night before.  This will include your tops, bottoms, shoes and accessories.  
  3. Hydrate & Eat: I found that if have enough water and if you’re well nourished – this helps and will provide you enough energy to get through the photo shoot. 
  4. Make-up: If possible try to have your make-up done professionally. If anything, having your make-up done professionally might give you that extra confidence booster.  Makeup tools
  5. Get your hair done:  You definitely will want a stylish hair-do. If you can, I recommend having your hair done professionally. Again, having professional touches such as hair and make-up provides you a boost of confidence which will reflect in your photos.
  6. Grooming:  Be sure to get mani’s and pedi’s ladies (…you to fellows, if you’re into that stuff). It’s the little touches that add great value to the end results.
  7. Practice your poses:  Before the photo shoot, practice in the mirror or with your phone to find out what poses work best for you.  You can also find great example poses on the web and/or magazines. When you are on set with the photographer take some practice shots to make sure that you are holding your head up high and you suck in real tight! 
  8. Have a cocktail:  If it’s the right time and place, and depending on your photographer – don’t be afraid to have a cocktail during the photo shoot – you can a glass of wine or a little bubbly on standby. This can go along way of loosening you up to take great photos.  
  9. Good energy: Make sure you have great energy on set and feel great within yourself  – how you feel will reflect in your photos.  If you’re working with others during your photo shoot, you want to make sure that you all have good energy as well.
  10. Communicate & Coordinate:  Be sure to stay in contact with those you’re working with by communicating details of the photo shoot such as date, timing, location and fees (if any).  This will ensure everyone is up to speed and know one is caught off guard with unforeseen details.  You don’t want any negative emotions reflected in your photos because believe me it will show!  As mentioned in tip #9, if you need a little help to boost the energy on set or you need to relax- don’t forget a glass of wine or some champagne that might help ease the tension. Please be sure to eat. Deciding What to Wear
    Also, make sure you coordinate with the photographer and the others you’re working with during the photo shoot.  Coordination goes a long way in making sure you all have the same colors and overall schemes in mind let’s say you are wearing hot pink and emerald green you want to make sure that the other participants in the photo shoot are wearing the same colors theme.
  11. Have fun:  This the most important tip I can give you!  You want to make sure you’re having the most fun as possible because believe me that fun and high energy will come all the way through the photos and this is how you slay your photo shoot!

I have to admit I had the time of my life doing this photo shoot with my photographer Bruce Bell @brucebellmedia_com you can find him on Instagram along with my joint business partners Lauren Vincent @beinglaurenv and Xhana Ogletree @iamxhana, you can find them both on Twitter.  We are co-founders of Nice Nastee (content/website coming soon).  Nice Nastee was founded to build a culture of confidence by perfecting the art of Being Assertive, Diplomatic and Politically Correct! Nice Nastee is not just a brand, It’s an Attitude. It’s a place to find your Voice.  It’s a space to find the real YOU. Nice Nastee is Real. Raw. Relevant!

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In mid February I’ll finally be the sweet age of 40 and with that being said, I feel the time is right to explore my dreams and do what I always wanted to do in my life – just be me – LIVE AUTHENTICALLY!

I believe we all have a story to to tell, a life to share and the opportunity to find our most authentic voices. This blog space will be a place where you can learn tips and tricks to living a more authentic life.  I’m happy to report that this is my first blog and I’m excited about sharing my life with you. I want to share my ups, my downs, my lifestyle, my business, my strategies, my love, my love of social media, my tips & tricks, and most importantly I want to share with you who I am. 

So with that being said, I would to like to formally introduce you to ME.  I am a Serial Entrepreneur, Social Media Strategist, soon to be Published Author, Content Creator, Business Coach, Executive MBA Student, Wife, Mother and Lover of Life!

i am lawanda_03

Stay tuned and follow me as I continue to share more of who I am. I’m just getting started and the best is yet to come.  In the meantime,  as I’m creating and developing my content for you.  You can find me here:

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I am LaWanda!